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Defining Excellence in Global Consultancy

In today’s multifaceted world, achieving goals and reaching the pinnacle of success, though challenging, is within reach for every individual and organization. Long-term, sustainable success hinges on realizing one's full potential, a principle that guides our approach at Cobalt Consulting Group (CCG).

At CCG, we specialize in identifying and assessing unique personal and business growth opportunities worldwide. Our diverse departments offer specialized expertise in key areas:

  • Legal and Dispute Resolution
  • Immigration
  • Investment
  • International Event and Education
  • International Trade and Marketing
  • Architecture and Interior Design

As a trusted partner, we are committed to helping individuals envision a brighter future and aiding business owners in building secure, enduring enterprises. Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or a corporate entity aiming for business expansion, we are here to facilitate sustainable progress in today’s intricate global landscape. Our goal is to make strategic decisions that yield favorable results for our clients, their communities, and society at large.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become the globally preferred personal and business investment consulting firm, guiding individuals and business owners towards a prosperous future.

Our Mission
At Cobalt Consulting Group, our mission is to uncover and harness the hidden potential of individuals and businesses. We aim to envision, project, and create a brighter future through our comprehensive, innovative, and cutting-edge consulting services.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Service Excellence
  • Reciprocal Respect
  • Creating a desirable workplace for our employees and partners

Guiding strategic growth and fostering enduring success for a brighter future.

Dr. Behzad Khoie

CoB of Coballt Consulting Group

Our Awesome team

The Crew

Senior Partners

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Behzad Khoie


Senior Executives

Bardia Eshghi

Financial and Risk Manager

Soniya Esmaeili

Art and Design Manager

Ali Kale

Legal and ADR Manager

Dr. Pupak Sudmand

International Trade & Marketing Manager

Sude Sarizamabak

Public Relations Manager

Naser Sadeghi

IT & Web Development Manager

Amin Mostafavi

Architectural & Interior Design Manager

Babek Hacizade

Supervisor of the Project

Bedrihan Cevik

Lawyer & Legal Advisor

Board of Advisor

Dr. Davoud Nadim


Gurcan Mercan

International Trade & Marketing

Ayse Burcu Arslan

Risk Management & Finance

Dr. Tufan Daneshmand

International Marketing Consultant
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